Step 3: Meetings

Meetings are the process of coming together as an assembly for a common purpose during the formation of an Optimist Club. There are two types of meetings in New Club Building: Informational and Organizational. Informational Meetings are held to inform prospective Members about the mission, values and structure of Optimist Clubs and to identify service opportunities within the community.

Informational Agenda
  1. Welcome and Introductions (10 minutes)
    Start with a silly joke or something fun to have everyone get settled into the meeting.
    Have everyone say who they are and their connection with the community.
  2. Review the history of Optimist International (5 minutes)
  3. Review projects that local Clubs do (10 minutes)
    Discuss some projects that local Clubs conduct.
  4. Determine needs of community (18 minutes)
    Discuss ways the Club can help make the community stronger. Get a speaker from the community to talk about youth issues. Ask attendees what problems kids face in the community and their thoughts about service opportunities.
  5. Talk about the process to start the new Club (15 minutes)
    The Club needs 15 Members. Extend an invitation to those attending to join the Club.
    Determine a hit list and assign people to invite them to the next meeting.
  6. Have someone read the Optimist Creed (2 minutes)
Pre-Organizational Meeting
Committees establish the Club Bylaws and set the slate of officers.

Official Organizational Meeting
The official organizational meeting is conducted by the Field Representatives, and the Official Charter is established. Field Representatives can download the Field Rep Handbook on Optimist Leaders.

New Club Resource Materials
Meeting Flyer
Meeting Reminder
Standard Club Bylaws
Standard Club Bylaws (adjustable)

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