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Renew, Refresh and Revitalize

Begin now to Renew, Refresh and Revitalize your Club to be the best that it can be! What is the 3 “R” program and what can it do for your Club? Experience the results of this program designed especially for your Club IF you:
  • Renew: Embrace Teamwork by utilizing all of your resources at your disposal efficiently
  • Refresh: Take steps to discover improvement opportunities and find new challenges
  • Revitalize: Follow-up on the development of your Members – Share information
Adopt the program within your Club by following the steps below to complete the three “R” program to ensure a healthy and stable club for you and your Members. Your District Club Fitness Advisor stands ready and anxious to help you achieve your Club goals!

Program Requirements
1. Club Leadership conducts personal communication with at least 75% of Club Members determining what the Club is doing well and what areas could be improved upon. During this process, you might also find new activities your Club should consider doing.

2. Develop an action plan to find ways to improve on what your Club is doing well and also define actions that will be taken to address challenges that your Club is currently facing. Communicate this action plan to all Members of the Club, Zone and District. Plan at least one activity with the help of either your District Leadership Development Chair or your District Membership Chair with the goal of adding at least 3 new Members.

3. Share the revised Activities, Goals and Objectives with all Club Members, along with ways they will be accomplished. In addition, participation in the PGI program should be started or continued by at least 60% of the Members advancing at least one level during a year.
Upon completion of this three “R” program, your Club will receive a customized Press Release that can be submitted for use by the local media including pictures. Additionally, information about the Club could appear on social media sites and could appear in “The Optimist” magazine. Find out more about this program by contacting your District Club Fitness Advisor.