Junior Optimist International 2021 - 2022 Board

Junior Optimist International Board of Directors
The Junior Optimist International Board of Directors is responsible for all Junior Optimist International Club administration. The Board member new Junior Optimist International Clubs.

Maya Gluck Hello, I am Maya Gluck, your Junior Optimist International President for the 2021-2022 year. I live in Orlando, Florida, between The Mouse and The Beach. I am currently a senior at Lyman High School and have been a member of Junior Optimist since 2015. The positions I have served include International Board Director for two consecutive years, District Governor, Lt. Governor, Club President, VP, and Secretary/Treasurer, in addition to many other committee positions. I received the 2017-2018 Member of Excellence award and the Distinguished Governor ring for the 2019-2020 year.

Although the past few months have been hard for everyone, we have a chance to become something even greater by helping the world in which we live by increasing our community service and being kind to one another. There is an abundance of ways to achieve this goal. If we all have a creative mind and open hearts, I know we will make a difference. That is why as your International President, I will make it my mission to help spread as much love and compassion through community service as we can and place a bandage on our broken world. My slogan, “Healing the World with Optimism” will remind us all to continue to strive in increasing new ways to help our world.

Let’s bring back all of our Junior Optimists this year and concentrate on growing our numbers. Include all youth you know to join your Clubs and expand the message of Junior Optimist by promoting inclusivity in your schools and communities. Take the opportunity to look at the strengths of those around you and build up your Clubs. We will continue to globalize Junior Optimist Clubs. My Club, JOI Around the World, which chartered this past year, is the first genuinely international virtual Club. This Club has provided opportunities for many others to strive in their home communities of Canada, Jamaica, Barbados, and several states within the United States. Let’s use all the tools and skills to increase communication through our Clubs, Districts, and Regions and grow this organization. With this in mind, I want to encourage all of you to build new Clubs as well as curating new friendships and keeping all of our Members motivated.

I am incredibly excited to work with my outstanding International Board and Committee to make this year an extra special one. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Junior Optimist in all forms. You are what matters!

2021 - 2022 JOI Board

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