Fundraising Ideas from A to Z


Advertising Booklet
Compile a local information booklet for distribution to local businesses. Make money with ads and discount vouchers from local merchants.

Organize a sponsored aerobathon with the help of gyms and sport shops.

Afternoon Tea Party
Entertain guests with raffles, auctions and live music.

Air Miles
Collect your own, then raffle them off.

Arts & Crafts Booth
Sell homemade items at local craft fairs.

Art Auction
Arrange with local gallery to auction off artist’s works.

Art Exhibition
Stage an exhibition for local artists. Charge entrance fee and commission on sales.

Auction off donated items and services of people and businesses.

Bachelor Bid
Auction off special date packages with local single guys.

Make badges to sell at work, to friends or at craft fairs.

Bad Tie Day
Charge your colleagues a fee to come to the meeting wearing the loudest tie.

Bakeless Bake Sale
Charge your colleagues to not bake something for a bake sale.

Balloon Race
Sell balloons that are filled with helium. Each balloon has a message attached asking the finder to return the card and promising a reward if the returned card is that of the winning balloon. The balloon is released. The card that is returned from the greatest distance away within a specified time is the winner and wins the prize.

Balloon Rides
Offer as a prize for a raffle or sell trip in a chartered balloon.

Barn Dance
Sell tickets to a dance. Hire a caller and a band. Serve food and drinks.

Basket Bid
Food-filled picnic baskets are auctioned off. Members supply baskets and food.

Battle of the Bands
Contest for amateur bands, where the audience votes on the winner. Charge admission and sell food and drinks. Give a cash prize to the winning band.

Bed Push
Teams pay admission fee to push a bed down a course in the fastest time.

Beer Festival
A day of international beers, food and music.

Everyone pays for a card. Winners win money or prizes.

Blind Auction
Everyone brings a wrapped box with an item inside; humorous or of actual value. One box should contain a cash prize. Bidding can be live or silent.

Board Games Evening
Invite friends to play Scrabble, Monopoly etc. Charge entrance or game fee.

Boat Race
Teams build model boats and race them or use real ones. Charge an entrance fee.

Boat Trips
Organize a cruise down a nearby river or canal. Include refreshments and entertainment.

Baby Contest
Charge proud parents to show off their offspring. Prizes for various categories.

Book Sale
Sell old books collected from everyone you know. Sell leftovers to book dealers.

Bouncy Castle
Keep kids entertained at bigger events. Charge a bouncing fee.

Bungee Jump
Raise sponsorships by flying in the face of fear.

Bus Pull
Gather a team and get sponsored to pull a bus through town. Get several teams and make it a race. Prize to the winning team.

Bus Trips
Sell tickets for a trip to a special destination. During the drive hold a raffle.

Design and sell a calendar. Businesses may sponsor pages.

Candle Making
Make and sell candles.

Candy Sales
Sell homemade or professionally made candy.

Car Treasure Hunt
Drive from clue to clue in search of the “Treasure.” Teams pay to enter.

Car Wash
Wash cars at shopping centers or office car lots.

Arrange for a carnival for your town. Charge admission or get a percentage of the gate.

Carol Concert
Host a festive concert for your community. Sell pies, coffee and mulled wine.

Carol Singing
Get a group to go door to door singing. Ask for donations.

Casino Night
Hire gaming tables. Sell chips. Chips are redeemed for tickets. Prizes are bid on with tickets.

Chariot Race
Teams race decorated chariots – anything from a horse and cart to a sedan chair.

Charity Ball
Organize a themed ball with live music at a hotel. Charge for tickets.

Members charge a fee for clowning talent at children’s parties and festivals.

Collecting Recyclables
Members collect cans and plastics to be sold to recycle centers.

Entertain the crowds with your own recital or hire musicians.

Cooking Demos
Invite well-known chefs to share recipes with a ticket-paying audience.

Credit Cards
Receive a commission on each approved applicant.

Custom Monopoly Games
Sell Monopoly games with local streets and landmarks.

Dart Tournament
Challenge teams in the area to compete for cash prizes. Charge an entry fee.

Dog Show
Charge pet owners to show off their pooches. Ask pet stores to sponsor the event.

Donation Containers
Place a donation can at local businesses with Club name and logo.

Dunk Tank
Charge fairgoers to drop their friends or enemies in a water tank.

Ebay Auction
Gather old items and auction them on ebay.

Easter Egg Hunt
Charge entry fee to find plastic eggs with money and/or candy.

Eating Marathon
Get sponsored to stuff your face.

Entertainment Books
Sell the discount books and receive a percentage of sales.

Get sponsored to shave them off.

Face Painting
Charge to paint faces at fairs and children’s parties.

Fancy Dress
Jazz up your event with a fancy dress contest. Charge an entrance fee.

Fashion Show
Ask local shops to supply clothes. Charge admission and percentage of sales.

Get sponsored to fast for an hour, a morning or a day.

Film Evening
Re-create an evening of vintage cinema by showing classic films and musicals.

Sell fireworks.

Fireworks Display
Charge to put on fireworks displays for special events.

Fishing Tournaments
Charge an admission fee. Give trophies for biggest fish.

Flower Arrangements
Make fresh, dried or silk arrangements to sell seasonally.

Flower Show
Charge entrants to display their “green thumb” or creative displays.

Furniture Sale
Hire a hall to sell donated furniture and old office equipment. Take a sales commission.

Game Show
Host mock version of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” or “The Weakest Link.”

Garage Sale
Sell off all your unwanted belongings.

Offer gardening services.

Glamorous Granny
Go in search of the area’s most glamorous grandmother. Charge contestants to enter. Ask local hair salons and day spas to donate prizes.

Go Kart Grand Prix
Hold a Go Kart Grand Prix at the nearest track. Drivers pay entrance fee.

Golf Towels
Sell a plush towel with a hangtag bearing the Club logo.

Golf Tournament
Charge an entrant’s fee and sell tee signs to local businesses.

Apply for a grant from a large corporation.

Greeting Cards
Make and sell cards for every occasion.

Guess the ???
Competitors pay to guess how many sweets in a jar, a cake’s weight, etc.

Guest Speaker
Invite a celebrity or local hero to speak. Charge admission.

Guided Tours
Take tourists and visitors on locally guided walks or trips.

Halloween Party
Charge entrance fee to a Halloween bash.

Home Tours
A fee is charged to tour local homes.

Head Shave
Sick of bad hair days? Go bald for charity.

Indoor Market
Rent out stalls to local traders.

Offer your ironing services at a cost.

Dump teams in the middle of nowhere with no money or transportation. First team back wins a prize. Charge an entrance fee.

Jazz Festival
Stage a day of jazz with local musicians. Charge an admission fee.

Jewelry Making
Make and sell beaded jewelry.

Karaoke Night
Discover your own American Idol. All you need is a machine and a well-stocked bar.

Left-Handed Day
Try doing everything with your left hand for the day. Mistakes cost.

Line Dancing Instructions
Arrange a place and an instructor and charge for admission. Be sure to have a bar.

Get sponsored to run a traditional 26-mile race.

Magazine Sales
Sell magazine subscriptions and receive a percentage of sales.

Mile of Pennies
Make a mile of pennies in your town center. Ask shoppers to help by donating coins.

Miniature Golf Tournament
Just like a regular golf tournament only on a miniature golf course.

Nature Trail
Offer guided walks to natural beauty spots.

Office Recycling
Collect ink cartridges and other recyclable items and sell to dealers.

Opera Night
Stage an amateur opera evening or arrange a trip to see a professional opera.

Ornament Sale
Design and make tree ornaments to sell.

Organize paintball challenges at local centers. Players pay to enter.

Pancake Breakfast
Sell tickets to a breakfast of pancakes, sausage, juice and coffee.

Parachute Jump
Get sponsored to take the plunge.

Personalized Gifts
Sell uniquely personalized gifts for special occasions.

Pet Show
Charge proud pet owners to show off their cats, hamsters, bunnies, mice, etc.

Pick a Cork Fair Game
Pick a numbered cork out of a board. If the cork is marked WINNER, claim a prize.

Picture Sale
Frame and sell prints of local scenes or pictures relevant to Club activities.

Placemat Advertising
Charge local businesses to place their ad on a placemat that is distributed and used in local restaurants.

Plant Sale
Sell donated plants.

PlayStation Play-Off
Organize a league of players and compete on a certain game. Charge entrants.

Postage Stamps
Collect and sell foreign and unusual stamps to dealers.

Private Tutoring
Whether it French or Flamenco, sell your skills with private lessons.

Get businesses to advertise in event programs.

Promotional Gifts
Sell promotional gifts with your logo on it.

Make and sell homemade quilts.

Ask local firms to donate prizes and sell tickets.

Raft Races
Teams build rafts and compete for prize money. Teams are charged an admission fee.

Recipe Books
Publish favorite recipes from local restaurants, chefs and Club Members.

Refreshment Stands
Sell refreshments at fairs and festivals.

Restaurant Card
Sell a discount card for a local restaurant.

Safari Supper
Travel from restaurant to restaurant, having a different course at each stop. Charge should include all food costs and your cut. Reserve tables with the restaurant.

Scratch and Help Card
Donor scratches two circles, donates the uncovered amount and receives coupons.

Silver Collection
Ask supporters to donate their loose change collections.

Slimming Contest
Participants get sponsored for every pound lost.

Sponge Throwing
Players pay to throw sopping wet spongers at whoever’s in the hot seat.

Sponsored Silence
Mum’s the word. Stay silent for as long as you can.

Sports Competitions
Organize sport tournaments. Charge an entrant’s fee.

Stationary Marathon
Cover the miles on a stationary bike or jogging machine at the gym. Get pledges.

Swear Box
Pay a dollar for every “bleeped” word uttered. Put a box at home, work or in the local bar.

Get sponsored per lap or length of swim time.

Tin Can Alley Fair Game
Knock down the stack of tin cans and win a prize.

Treasure Hunt
Teams pay a fee to compete against each other to discover the “hidden treasure.”

Tree of Lights
Sell a light on a holiday tree that represents a lost loved one.

T-shirts and Clothing
Market the Club by producing a range of promotional clothing.

Unwanted Gifts
Arrange a post-Christmas sale of new unwanted gifts. Get a percentage of the sales.

Bid on menial household chores to be done by community VIPs.

Vacation Home Rentals
Club receives rental fees on donated vacation homes of the Members.

Vehicle Rallies
Entrants must complete a course in a specified time, not earlier or later.

Vehicle Shows
Owners pay to display their prized vehicle. Raffles are conducted.

Video Games and Movie Sales
Sell old video games, movies, DVDs and CDs.

Guys get sponsored to wax their legs or chest.

Weight of the Cake Fair Game
Pay to guess the weight. Winner gets the cake.

Windshield Wash
Charge to wash windshields at local gas stations for a day.

Wine Tasting
Hold a tasting session for a wine company. Get commission on sales. Hold raffles.

Prune trees or chop firewood for a fee.

Wood Working
Make and sell your own woodcrafts at craft fairs.

X-mas Baskets
Make up and sell X-mas baskets. Include food, drink, toys and gifts.

X-mas Wreaths and Swags
Sell professional wreaths and swags and get a percentage of the sales.

X-mas Tree Lots
Sell Christmas trees and get a percentage of the sales.

Yacht Racing
Organize a local race of sailboats. Charge an entrant’s fee.

Zodiac Evening
Invite a guest astrologer for a star-studded fundraiser. Charge for entry and horoscopes.