Certified Club Builder
Certified Club Builders are trained Optimist volunteers who are available to work in target communities not currently served by Optimist Clubs. Through direct marketing techniques, these volunteers work in connection with District leadership to determine targeted sites and assist in training volunteer key builders. They are also actively involved in the New Club process.

A Certified Club Builder is an Optimist who has a successful track record in forming New Clubs. They possess an extensive knowledge of Optimist International’s history, policies, programs and culture. They must be available to travel and spend consecutive days working in the field. In addition to leading New Club efforts within a community, Certified Club Builders must be able to train and instruct other key builders about how to successfully build New Clubs.

Certified Club Builders receive extensive training in every aspect of the New Club process. CCBs are taught a proven sales model that enables them to prospect and recruit potential members. They study successful Club models and the New Club follow-up program. Each CCB develops a training style that enables them to effectively communicate with other volunteer builders at the Club and District levels. They learn skills that will help them develop, organize and manage a team successfully. In addition, CCBs receive training for building JOOI Clubs. During the training process, CCBs have the opportunity to practice and refine their newly learned skills by leading New Club efforts currently in progress at the selected training site.

When a Certified Club Builder travels within his or her own District, the cost associated with this program is incurred by the Optimist International New Club Building Department. For travel outside of the District, the New Club Building Department covers the cost to send the CCB out to a specific location and any meals incurred. The District is responsible for covering lodging and ground transportation.

A request for the services of the Certified Club Builder is made through the New Club Building Department at the International Office. The individual making the request will then work in conjunction with the Optimist International staff to schedule the Certified Club Builder to work within the particular District.

To request a Certified Club Builder, fill out the CCB Request Form below and return to the New Club Building Department at the International Office.

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