Optimist International Junior Golf Championship
Housing Policy

The Optimist is not your typical golf tournament. Participants and guests are housed on site at PGA National Resort & Spa which includes group meals, recreational activities and special evening events.  In order to fully enjoy the fellowship opportunities of the Optimist, golfers (at minimum) must accept one of the accommodation packages through the tournament. Families and friends are encouraged (but not required) to stay at the resort. Families and friends who elect to stay onsite must accept one of the registration packages offered.

Optimist Junior Golf grants "commuter status" to golfers who live and attend school in the Florida counties of Palm Beach, St. Lucie, Martin and Broward.

Participants and their families will be housed in the most accommodating room type available. In some cases, rollaway beds will be used. Participants and guests selecting the two-room option will be housed in either two hotel rooms (connecting not guaranteed) in the resort or one club cottage.

Club cottages are on PGA property, a short hotel shuttle drive away.  All Club Cottages feature two bedrooms, two complete baths, a large living room with television, and a kitchen that is fully equipped with cookware, dishes, washer and dryer.

A parent or guardian must accompany players age 13 and under. NO EXCEPTIONS. The parent or guardian must register and stay on proprerty with their golfer.

Once registrations are received, players and guests will be assigned a hotel room. Any players traveling by themselves will be housed in the main hotel at PGA National Resort & Spa and will be paired with players of comparable age and gender. Rollaway beds or Sofa Sleepers may be utilized to house more than two players in a room. Special roommate requests will be honored if possible. Roommate changes are not permitted. Roommates are responsible for dividing and paying all personal room charges before their departure. Hotel room assignments will be available only upon arrival at PGA National. Please do not call PGA National Resort & Spa with questions regarding tournament accommodations.

All tournament meals (designated locations), golf and recreational functions will take place on the property of PGA National Resort & Spa. PGA National Resort & Spa's security staff, will be on hand at all times at the resort to supervise tournament participants. These individuals will enforce the Code of Conduct both on and off the golf course. Rooms will be available after 4 PM on the day of arrival.

Any tournament guests with special accommodation needs should contact the Optimist Junior Golf office for more information.

We make every effort to house all golfers and guests onsite at PGA National Resort & Spa. However, should a need arise, we reserve the right to house players and their guests at an offsite property. Priority for housing at PGA National will be given to golfers in the following order:

(1) Golfers traveling alone to the Optimist;

(2) Golfers traveling with their families who qualified through an official Optimist District tournament;

(3) Golfers who are eligible for the Optimist through a method other than an official qualifying tournament. If offsite housing is used, shuttle transportation between the offsite property and PGA National will be provided at no cost to participants and guests.