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Make Sure to Submit Those Certified Optimistic Optimist Club Forms!

May 29th, 2021

Certified Optimistic Optimist Club FormDid your Optimist Club...

  • Host an event, in-person or virtual for the International Day of Happiness in March?
  • Hold at least one Optimist Club Meeting?
  • Host a NOW (New Optimists Welcome) activity?
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    Optimist International Orientation to Optimism Series

    Brought to you by Leadership Developement

    posted: March 22th, 2021

      OptiForum March 2021 Welcome to the Video Series on Orientation to Optimism.

      If you are a new member, Welcome! Existing member will find value in this series as well. It covers five areas of interest to members of Optimist International and it is brought to you by members from their perspective. This series is a general overview that should help you in your journey through the wonderful world of Optimist International.

    1. Orientation Episode 1 The Creed, Mission & Vision
    2. Orientation Episode 2 Optimist Opportunities
    3. Orientation Episode 3 Optimist Responsibilities
    4. Orientation Episode 4 The Optimist Foundations
    5. Orientation Episode 5 Optimist Resources

      Orientation to Optimism
      Click Here to Watch The Series

    OptiForum Dec 14th 2020

    How to Conquer the Pandemic with Optimism Field Guide

    Optimist Clubs See Glass Half Full—Even in a Pandemic

    Jan 25th, 2021

    How to Conquer the Pandemic with Optimism Optiforum Field Guide

    In the latest Optiforum, Mark Weinsoff invited staff and members to talk about "How to Conquer the Pandemic with Optimism." To recap the Optiforum, the Optimist International Communications, Marketing, and Technology Committee created the Field Guide to flourish during the pandemic. The field guide includes resources on financial assistance, the best way to meet with members virtually, and what clubs are doing to make a difference in their community. At the end of the webinar, the committee introduced the "Certified Optimistic Optimist Club" for clubs to receive recognition for their optimism during the pandemic. You can access the pledge and its requirements in the Field Guide.

    Optimist International Field Guide 2020

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