International Optimist Day History

Optimist Day is celebrated throughout the world annually on the First Thursday of February by Members of Optimist International.

Early in 2013, Sylvain Levesque, a member of the National Assembly of Quebec and of the Optimist Club of Lorretteville, introduced the resolution to recognize Optimist Day in Quebec. Later that year at the Optimist International Convention, delegates in Cincinnati passed a resolution adopting the first Thursday of every February as Optimist Day. The date corresponded with Optimist Day in Quebec. At the time, Levesque was a member of the Optimist Club of Duberger and was asked by fellow Optimist Michel Lamothe to consider introducing the resolution. Levesque agreed, and the resolution unanimously passed.

When asked why the first Thursday in February was selected, Levesque said that it was because we normally start our work at the National Assembly in the 1st week of February and we could pass the resolution at that moment.

Regardless of the reason, Optimists throughout the world are thankful to him for taking the initiative to present the resolution, and they continue to celebrate Optimist Day on the first Thursday of February each year.

Now each year the Members of Optimist International celebrate Optimist Day to promote their efforts in helping and recognizing the people that make a difference in their communities. They do this by wearing something with the Optimist logo and/or hosting events to celebrate the annual day. This celebration can extend for the week or entire month.

In addition to our Clubs and Members celebrating Optimist day, many local governments routinely issue Proclamations in honor of Optimist Day so that their communities can look to the future with hope, and on Optimist Day, they can celebrate the volunteers who share their enthusiasm, skills, and talent to make that tomorrow a vibrant and peaceful one.

However, non-members can celebrate Optimist Day by volunteering in the community, teaming up with their local Optimist Club, or spreading optimistic messages to friends and loved ones on Optimist Day.

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Members of Optimist International will celebrate Optimist Day throughout the world the first Thursday of every February to promote our efforts in bringing out the best in youth, our communities and ourselves.

On Optimist Day, Optimists around the world are asked to wear Optimist attire - shirts, pins, hats, etc. Post your best Optimist attire on social media and tag Optimist International or use the #OpimistDay and/or #OptimistDay2022 hashtag. Send your photos to to be featured in future publications.

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