Club Directory, by District/Zone
District GATEway (21 GATE)
State of Georgia and East-Central Tennessee
Optimist Clubs
Zone: 1  (Lt. Governor: Bruce Peace)
Club # Club Name City State/Province Club's Web Page
21045 Dalton-Bft, Ga Dalton Georgia; USA  
21077 Cartersville, Ga Cartersville Georgia; USA
21080 Cedartown, Ga Cedartown Georgia; USA  
21250 Rome-Noon, Ga Rome Georgia; USA  
21610 Gordon, Ga Calhoun Georgia; USA  
Zone: 2  (Lt. Governor: Ellen Grant)
Club # Club Name City State/Province Club's Web Page
21006 Gilmer County, Ga Ellijay Georgia; USA  
21043 Canton, Ga Canton Georgia; USA
21159 Jasper, Ga Jasper Georgia; USA
21286 Woodstock-So Cherokee, Ga Woodstock Georgia; USA  
21319 Woodstock-Midday, Ga Woodstock Georgia; USA
21335 Woodstock-Towne Lake, Ga Woodstock Georgia; USA
21557 Hickory Flat, Ga Canton Georgia; USA  
21609 Laurel Canyon, Ga Canton Georgia; USA  
Zone: 3  (Lt. Governor: Rudy Corn)
Club # Club Name City State/Province Club's Web Page
21020 Athens, Ga Athens Georgia; USA  
21022 University-Athens, Ga Athens Georgia; USA
21078 Forsyth-Cumming, Ga Cumming Georgia; USA
21150 Hall County-Gainesville Inc., Ga Gainesville Georgia; USA
21160 Hartwell, Ga Hartwell Georgia; USA
21183 Athens-Luncheon, Ga Athens Georgia; USA
21305 Washington, Ga Washington Georgia; USA  
21306 Cleveland-White County, Ga Cleveland Georgia; USA  
21546 Sawnee-Cumming, Ga Cumming Georgia; USA
Zone: 4  (Lt. Governor: Dot Sayer)
Club # Club Name City State/Province Club's Web Page
21025 Atlanta, Ga Atlanta Georgia; USA  
21076 Carrollton Inc., Ga Carrollton Georgia; USA
21161 Kennesaw, Ga Kennesaw Georgia; USA
21275 Smyrna, Ga Smyrna Georgia; USA
21618 Douglas County, Ga Douglasville Georgia; USA  
21619 Temple, Ga Temple Georgia; USA  
Zone: 5  (Lt. Governor: Samuel Adolphine)
Club # Club Name City State/Province Club's Web Page
21003 Newton-Rockdale, Ga Covington Georgia; USA  
21115 Decatur-S Side Dekalb, Ga Decatur Georgia; USA  
21227 Tucker, Ga Tucker Georgia; USA
21257 North Perimeter, Ga Sandy Springs Georgia; USA
21528 East De Kalb-Lithonia, Ga Lithonia Georgia; USA  
21614 Ya Ya Xpress, Ga Georgia; USA  
21616 Atlanta Meet Up, Ga Atlanta Georgia; USA  
21617 Optimist Reading Club Supporting Schools In Dekalb County, Ga Georgia; USA  
21624 Hope 4 Tomorrow-Pike County, Ga Zebulon Georgia; USA  
21626 Hope 4 Kids, Ga Loganville Georgia; USA  
Zone: 6 
Club # Club Name City State/Province Club's Web Page
21095 Columbus, Ga Columbus Puerto Rico; USA  
21170 Lagrange, Ga La Grange Georgia; USA  
21220 Newnan, Ga Newnan Georgia; USA  
21248 Peachtree City, Ga Peachtree City Georgia; USA
21267 Senoia, Ga Senoia Georgia; USA
Zone: 7  (Lt. Governor: Donald P Taylor)
Club # Club Name City State/Province Club's Web Page
21132 Fort Valley-Eve, Ga Fort Valley Georgia; USA  
21185 Macon, Ga Macon Georgia; USA  
21186 Macon-East Side, Ga Macon Georgia; USA  
21249 Riverside Macon Inc., Ga Macon Georgia; USA  
21256 Sandersville-Tennille, Ga Sandersville Georgia; USA  
21289 Macon-Southwest, Ga Macon Georgia; USA  
21308 Tifton, Ga Tifton Georgia; USA  
21315 Warner Robins Noon, Ga Warner Robins Georgia; USA  
21534 International City, Ga Warner Robins Georgia; USA
Zone: 8  (Lt. Governor: Janice A Matthews)
Club # Club Name City State/Province Club's Web Page
21030 Augusta, Ga Augusta Georgia; USA  
21031 Augusta-S Richmond County, Ga Augusta Georgia; USA  
21037 Augusta-Bft, Ga Augusta Georgia; USA  
21229 Wrens-North Jefferson, Ga Wrens Georgia; USA  
21317 Waynesboro, Ga Waynesboro Georgia; USA  
Zone: 10  (Lt. Governor: Sally K Yarber)
Club # Club Name City State/Province Club's Web Page
21255 St Simons Island, Ga St Simons Isle Georgia; USA  
21270 Tybee Island, Ga Tybee Island Georgia; USA  
21292 Savannah-Southside, Ga Savannah Georgia; USA  
21303 Swainsboro-Eve, Ga Swainsboro Georgia; USA  
Zone: 11  (Lt. Governor: Nena Powell)
Club # Club Name City State/Province Club's Web Page
11005 Athens, Tn Athens Tennessee; USA  
11012 East Ridge, Tn East Ridge Tennessee; USA  
11050 Scenic Chattanooga Inc, Tn Chattanooga Tennessee; USA  
21298 Summerville-Trion-Noon, Ga Summerville Georgia; USA  
21311 Trenton-Dade, Ga Trenton Georgia; USA  
21625 Hamilton County, Tn Chattanooga Tennessee; USA  
Zone: 12 
Club # Club Name City State/Province Club's Web Page
11047 Nashville-Central, Tn Nashville Tennessee; USA  
11345 Shelbyville, Tn Shelbyville Tennessee; USA  
Zone: 13  (Lt. Governor: Beth O'Brien)
Club # Club Name City State/Province Club's Web Page
11007 University Area, Tn Knoxville Tennessee; USA  
11058 Claxton, Tn Claxton Tennessee; USA  
11185 Knoxville, Tn Knoxville Tennessee; USA
11352 Northview-Kodak, Tn Kodak Tennessee; USA  
11390 Knoxville-Inner City, Tn Knoxville Tennessee; USA  
Zone: 14 
Club # Club Name City State/Province Club's Web Page
11020 Chattanooga-Brainerd, Tn Chattanooga Tennessee; USA  
11065 Clinton, Tn Clinton Tennessee; USA  
11075 Concord-Cedar Bluff-Farragut, Tn Concord Tennessee; USA
11183 Kingston, Tn Kingston Tennessee; USA  
11260 Murfreesboro, Tn Murfreesboro Tennessee; USA
11335 Seymour, Tn Seymour Tennessee; USA  
11361 Friendsville-South Blount, Tn Friendsville Tennessee; USA  
11396 Knoxville-Angel Tree, Tn Knoxville Tennessee; USA  
21522 Alpharetta, Ga Alpharetta Georgia; USA  
Junior Optimist Clubs
Club # Club Name City State/Province Club's Web Page
A1382 Dean Rusk Middle School Woodstock Georgia; USA  
A1655 Junior Optimist Club Of Jasper Middle School Jasper Georgia; USA  
A2073 Jooi Club Of Pickens Co Middle School Jasper Georgia; USA  
A2076 Trion Middle School Jr. Optimist Club Summerville Georgia; USA  
A2139 Junior Optimist Club Of Holston Middle School Knoxville Tennessee; USA  
A2146 Baker Elementary Joi Helping Hands Kennesaw Georgia; USA  
A2161 Barber Junior Optimist Club Kennesaw Georgia; USA  
A2163 Riverwatch Junior Optimist Club Cumming Georgia; USA  
A2170 Fantastic Freedom Joi Club Tucker Georgia; USA  
A2175 Pjhs Junior Optimist Club Jasper Georgia; USA  
A2176 Boys & Girls Junior Optimist Club Of Pickens County Jasper Georgia; USA  
A2179 Bennett'S Mill Joi Club Fayetteville Georgia; USA  
Club # Club Name City State/Province Club's Web Page
B0786 Washington County H.s. Sandersville Georgia; USA  
B1385 Carl Harrison H.s. Kennesaw Georgia; USA  
B1681 Oc Of Jefferson County H.s. Louisville Georgia; USA  
B1711 Woodland Octagon Club Cartersville Georgia; USA  
B1746 Joi Club At Starr'S Mill High School Peachtree City Georgia; USA  
B1804 Northside Octagon Warner Robins Georgia; USA  
B2072 Pope High School Octagon Club Marietta Georgia; USA  
B2077 The Rome High Octagon Club Rome Georgia; USA  
B2088 Coosa High Octagon Club Rome Georgia; USA  
B2110 Lafayette High School Optimist Octagon Club Lafayette Georgia; USA  
B2142 West Forsyth High School Cumming Georgia; USA  
B2277 Kennesaw Mountain High School Octagon Club Kennesaw Georgia; USA  
B2280 South Forsyth High School Octagon Club Cumming Georgia; USA  
B2286 Sequoyah High School Jooi Club Canton Georgia; USA  
B2310 Model High School Junior Optimist Club Rome Georgia; USA  
B2336 Savannah Arts Academy Junior Optimist Club Tybee Island Georgia; USA  
B2361 Junior Optimist Club Of Pickens High School Jasper Georgia; USA  
Club # Club Name City State/Province Club's Web Page
C0290 Acworth Elementary Junior Optimist Club Acworth Georgia; USA  
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