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District Quebec West (53 QUWE)
Province of Quebec east of the Quebec-Ontario border, north of Lac des Deux Montagnes, Riviere des Mille Iles, south of Highways 40 and 640, west of Highways 25 and 125, and a line drawn from Manaouane to Riviere aux Rats west of Highways 155, 169, and 167, except for the city of Chapais on Highway 113
Optimist Clubs
Zone: 1  (Lt. Governor: Laurenne Pelletier)
Club Number Club name City State/Province Club's Web Page
53000 L'Orée Des Bois, Qc Bois Des Filion Quebec; Canada  
53149 Chertsey, Qc Chertsey Quebec; Canada  
53348 Lachenaie, Qc Lachenaie Quebec; Canada  
53379 La Seigneurie Du Comté De Terrebonne Inc.qc Terrebonne Quebec; Canada  
53499 Mascouche, Qc Mascouche Quebec; Canada  
53500 Le Plateau, Mascouche , Qc Mascouche Quebec; Canada  
53664 Ste- Anne Des Plaines, Qc Ste-Anne Des Plaines Quebec; Canada
53688 Saint-Calixte (2003), Qc Saint-Calixte Quebec; Canada  
53790 Ste-Julienne, Qc Ste-Julienne Quebec; Canada  
53907 Terrebonne, Qc Terrebonne Quebec; Canada  
Zone: 2  (Lt. Governor: Pierre Dussault)
Club Number Club name City State/Province Club's Web Page
53004 Les Boys 1 Des Laurentides, Qc Pointe-Calumet Quebec; Canada  
53008 Saint-André D'Argenteuil 2018, Qc St-André D'Argenteuil Quebec; Canada  
53033 Golf Junior Région St-Laurent, Qc St-Eustache Quebec; Canada
53710 St-Eustache-Est, Qc St-Eustache Quebec; Canada
53822 Ste-Marthe Sur Le Lac, Qc Ste-Marthe Sur Le Lac Quebec; Canada  
53857 Ste-Thérèse, Qc Ste-Thérèse Quebec; Canada  
53864 Boisbriand, Qc Boisbriand Quebec; Canada  
53961 Pointe-Calumet, Qc Pointe-Calumet Quebec; Canada  
53965 Oka 2018, Qc Oka Quebec; Canada  
Zone: 5 
Club Number Club name City State/Province Club's Web Page
53351 Lac Masson, Qc Lac Masson Quebec; Canada  
53645 Ste-Anne Des Lacs, Qc Ste-Anne Des Lacs Quebec; Canada  
53656 Ste-Adèle, Qc Ste-Adèle Quebec; Canada  
53660 Ste-Agathe-Des-Monts 2006, Qc Ste-Agathe-Des-Monts Quebec; Canada  
53781 Mont-Tremblant, Qc St-Jovite Quebec; Canada  
53856 La Vallée De St-Sauveur, Qc St-Sauveur Quebec; Canada  
53936 Val David-Val Morin, Qc Val David Quebec; Canada  
Zone: 6  (Lt. Governor: Suzanne Douglas)
Club Number Club name City State/Province Club's Web Page
53007 St-Lin Laurentides 2018, Qc St-Lin-Des-Laurentides Quebec; Canada  
53030 Saint-Benoît, Qc Mirabel Quebec; Canada  
53094 St-Antoine, Qc St-Antoine Quebec; Canada  
53362 St-Augustin 2006, Qc Mirabel Quebec; Canada  
53481 St-Janvier, Mirabel, Qc Mirabel Quebec; Canada  
53689 St-Colomban, Qc St-Colomban Quebec; Canada  
53845 St-Pierre, St-Jérôme, Québec St-Jérôme Quebec; Canada  
53940 St-Canut, Qc St-Canut Quebec; Canada  
Zone: 7  (Lt. Governor: Louise Lebeau)
Club Number Club name City State/Province Club's Web Page
53005 Les Dames De Coeur, Qc St-Jérôme Quebec; Canada  
53361 Lafontaine, Qc Lafontane Quebec; Canada  
53598 Prévost-2003, Qc Prévost Quebec; Canada  
53741 St-Hippolyte, Qc St-Hippolyte Quebec; Canada  
53775 St-Jérôme, Qc St-Jérôme Quebec; Canada  
53859 Sainte-Sophie 2017, Qc Ste-Sophie Quebec; Canada  
Zone: 8  (Lt. Governor: Louise Charlebois)
Club Number Club name City State/Province Club's Web Page
53001 Déléage 2015, Qc Déléage Quebec; Canada  
53423 Val Barrette, Qc Val Barrette Quebec; Canada  
53480 Maniwaki, Qc Maniwaki Quebec; Canada  
53943 Mont-Laurier 2010, Qc Mont-Laurier Quebec; Canada  
Zone: 9  (Lt. Governor: Alain Savard)
Club Number Club name City State/Province Club's Web Page
53006 Angers 2017, Qc Gatineau Quebec; Canada  
53209 Buckingham, Qc Buckingham Quebec; Canada
53255 Gatineau, Qc Gatineau Quebec; Canada  
53300 Hull, Qc Hull Quebec; Canada
53457 Aylmer, Qc Aylmer Quebec; Canada  
53592 Pointe-Gatineau, Qc Gatineau Quebec; Canada  
53904 Templeton, Qc Templeton Quebec; Canada  
53922 Touraine, Qc Touraine Quebec; Canada
Zone: 10 
Club Number Club name City State/Province Club's Web Page
53037 Brownsburg - Chatham 2013, Qc Brownsburg Quebec; Canada  
53250 Grenville, Qc Grenville Quebec; Canada  
53649 St-André Avellin, Qc St-André Avellin Quebec; Canada  
53918 Thurso, Qc Thurso Quebec; Canada  
Zone: 11  (Lt. Governor: Marc Valcourt)
Club Number Club name City State/Province Club's Web Page
53028 Amos, Qc Amos Quebec; Canada
53378 La Reine, Qc La Reine Quebec; Canada  
53388 La Sarre, Qc La Sarre Quebec; Canada  
53476 Malartic, Qc Malartic Quebec; Canada  
53648 Rouyn-Noranda, Qc Rouyn-Noranda Quebec; Canada  
53881 Senneterre, Qc Senneterre Quebec; Canada  
53937 Val D'Or, Qc Val D'Or Quebec; Canada  
53958 Barraute, Qc Barraute Quebec; Canada  
Junior Optimist Clubs
Club # Club Name (Sponsored by Club #) City State/Prov Club's home page
B0009 Les H.d. De St-Janvier/Mirabel, Qc Mirabel Quebec; CANADA  
B1331 S.m.a.t., Inc. St-Eustache Quebec; CANADA  
B5083 Les Alérions, Qc Lorraine Quebec; CANADA  
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